A Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes: DurhamCares

As we know, the holidays are not all about presents and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. The greater meaning of the holidays involved self-reflection. We all exist together in communities together. What does it mean to take a wholistic look of our communities and examine the hardships and triumphs? What, if anything, do we owe to our communities in terms of promoting equity? These questions are relevant all year round but seem to be of heightened importance around the holidays. When children are taught empathy, they learn the phrase “take a walk in someone else’s’ shoes”. DurhamCares deeply believes in promoting empathy in Durham and takes this saying literally through their Durham Pilgrimage of Pain & Hope program.

The mission of DurhamCares is to foster collaboration, develop leaders, and educate the people of our city to care for their neighbors in holistic ways. This is accomplished through community mobilization, resource development, and through programs like the Durham Pilgrimage. The Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope is an opportunity to discover how your spiritual journey is connected to our shared community, Durham. Through the pilgrimage participants immerse themselves in the story of the city and the Biblical story as they reflect with others on what it means for how they live their lives in Durham.


What is DurhamCares’ Vision for Durham?

We envision a city where all residents love their neighbors. But we don't just mean smiling and being cordial. Our vision is for a city where love goes deeper. We want to see Durham residents learn the story of their city - all the people and the places that have brought us to where we are. We want the people of Durham to know the struggles that Durham has gone through and the ways people have overcome those challenges. We want to see love that is both personal and public. We want everyone to see that their flourishing is bound up in the flourishing of those around them.

The ReCity Social Impact Holiday Giving Guide is proud to support Durham Cares. Please consider giving to this incredible organization through RoundUp. For more information on how to get involved, visit our website to sign up.

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