Get Ready for ReCity Network’s Race for Space


People are talking about the seemingly overnight success of ReCity Network in attracting a thriving group of nearly four dozen non-profits, faith-based organizations, and mission-driven companies to coalesce for social impact across the Bull City.

Now, as ReCity approaches its first anniversary, we are collaborating to build out a much bigger base of corporate partners. Some, like Agape Lawn Care, Forrest Firm, and the Durham Chamber, already see the power of purpose and how exposing their companies to the work of ReCity and its network members benefits all.

In exchange for free use of our space for corporate meetings, we’d like to explore with more business leaders how they might contribute to the rising tide of opportunity in the lives of people touched by our Network.  

The premise of our Race for Space Challenge is simple: we believe that when for-profit leaders and professionals experience this special place first-hand, they want to be a part of it in ways that fit for them.  To that end, we are looking for 40 companies to simply host a meeting on-site at ReCity over the course of 40 days, using one of our conference/meeting rooms at Durham’s home for social impact.

What’s the potential impact of 40 companies on-site at ReCity in 40 days? We believe that the sustaining power of commitments from these organizations could bring new mission-driven for-profits as tenants at ReCity, partners to share business expertise as benefits to our non-profits and faith-based groups, and a resource base to fuel as-yet-conceived new ventures to provide opportunity for all of Durham.

Just as we’ve seen the early adoption from our non-profit and faith-based communities save tens of thousands of dollars in impact revenue for the underserved, we’d like to see our entrepreneurs and corporate executives stand up and be counted for a Durham that’s more equitable for all.

How can you help? Look at your business or the company you work for, and ask yourself, “What kind of meeting or event could we have at ReCity between August 21 and October 13.” Or, refer a friend or colleague to do the same. We are convenient to almost any Triangle business that wants a meeting with purpose, one where you can accomplish the business at-hand, as well as expose your team to the great work happening here to equip and empower underserved neighbors in the Bull City.  
Act now to take advantage of this great opportunity by visiting ReCity Network’s Race for Space page to select your meeting time. Don’t forget to forward to a friend!

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