ReCity Network Holds Summer Open House on June 27

We hear it often, when people join churches, volunteer or raise money for their favorite charities, or join a movement. “I wanted to be part of something bigger.”

The staff, sponsors, and nearly four dozen partner organizations of the ReCity Network invite you to become a part of something bigger. A story writ large across the pages of an entire city, Durham, North Carolina. At ReCity Network, we’re tackling long-standing and systemic problems that cities face: pervasive unemployment, multi-generational poverty, opportunity ceilings of racism, sexism, and more—all factors that place prosperity in the hands of a few and leave many behind.

We’re turning the tide, and we’re doing it together, as we re-write the story of our city. Since our launch last September, more than 45 faith-based organizations, non-profits, and mission-driven companies have convened to work more efficiently in collaboration. The results: shared impact, shared success for all who are touched by the network. Already, we are breaking down barriers and shattering ceilings, and the evidence is clear: more than 60 percent of our membership organizations—all achieving greater success together—are led by women and people of color.

We call ourselves a social impact hub. What does that mean? It means that we’re a connection point for those who want to promote the social good of Durham, whether that means officing together, programming together, donating time, talent, and financial resources together, or incubating new, impact-minded entrepreneurs together.

Join us for ReCity Network’s Summer Open House on June 27, from 5:30-7:30. When you visit, you’ll realize that we are so much more than the 12,000 feet of co-working, meeting, and event spaces that so many people call home for their city-wide impact efforts. You’ll see that the network is fueled by the backgrounds, personalities, and visions for the city—both diverse and shared—of the church and non-profit leaders, as well as the social entrepreneurs engaging in profit for purpose.

Please register on Eventbrite and share our Open House with your networks. See the space. Meet the members. Be a part of something special, something bigger than yourself. Be a part of rewriting the story of our city, together at ReCity Network.

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