ReCity Roundtables

The ReCity Roundtable is a monthly TED-style speaker series that uses the power of story-telling to spotlight community leaders who are tackling complex social issues through innovation and collaboration.


ReCity Network is proud to celebrate our two year anniversary with Mayor Steve Schewel as he casts a vision for the future of social impact in Durham.

Building resilience

Join Dr. Wanda Boone of Durham TRY as she shares the keys to overcoming toxic stress and casts vision for building resilient youth and resilient communities.

when Helping Is Hurting

Durham has over 4,500 non-profits, but having a 501(c)3 certification does not mean that an organization is impactful or even needed. How can we make a stronger, more inclusive Durham when residents don’t know where to go for support, funders don’t know who to send a check to, and volunteers can’t find the right way to donate their services?

Join a conversation with Julie Wells of Partners for Youth Opportunity about how non-profits must prove their worth and how funders and volunteers must be willing to hear the truth about the best ways to support non-profits (hint: don’t ask about admin expenses and don’t look for one day volunteering opportunities).


Mass Incarceration and Mass Employment

Over 70 million people in the US have a record. That's nearly 1 in 3 adults. Unfortunately, being released presents a whole new set of obstacles, perhaps none more difficult than securing and keeping stable employment. 

Come hear from Juan Nelson about how StepUp Durham is building bridges to opportunity for our justice-involved neighbors and how you can help them close the gap!


Adding equity to entreprenuership

Durham is a city on the rise, but is the rising tide truly lifting all boats? Learn from serial entrepreneur and innovator Geraud Staton about how The Helius Foundation is intentionally adding equity into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and building pathways to prosperity for all.


The Gentrification question

Learn from Housing for New Hope's Olive Joyner as she shares from her unique experience leading the fight against homelessness in Durham. Find out what we can do to solve the affordable housing crisis and ensure gentrification happens with justice for all. 


ReCity Roundtables are produced in partnership with IronWorx Media