In celebration of completing our first year accelerating social impact in the Bull City, ReCity Network is launching the ReCity One campaign to enhance its services to the community of non-profits, mission-driven businesses, and faith communities who call ReCity home.

With so much division in our cities and our nation, ReCity’s mission of building a shared space to accelerate shared impact is an ambitious goal, and it’s going to take the whole community buying into that vision if we are to make our community a place where everyone can thrive. 

With 40 organizations already bought into this mission, our goal is to increase our capacity and grow our Network to 100 strong.

The goal of the ReCity One Campaign is to recruit 100 new monthly supporters in one week – which starts right now and runs until September 30th at midnight! 

Join us in rewriting the story of our city together with a donation of $1 per day, or $1 per week and become a part of ReCity’s “First 100” founding supporters. 

We’re looking for people who are passionate to see their city transformed and willing to make a small but consistent financial commitment to help make that happen. And we’re confident that we can show a high level of return on investment, because when you work with ReCity, you’re supporting some of the hardest-working entities in Durham’s social impact space.

Starting next week, we’ll be sharing stories of ReCity’s impact and introducing several different opportunities to get involved with us, all culminating in our first Annual Banquet on November 9th.

We invite you to join the ReCity One Campaign and be the change you want to see in our city.

Will you join us?

Rob Shields
Executive Director


Join the ReCity One Campaign