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Sarah Krueger of WRAL featured the Race Relations Forum we hosted at ReCity in April 2017. Watch the story on WRAL!


The Herald Sun

The Durham Herald Sun featured ReCity on June 9, 2017 in their local paper! Check it out if you're interested in learning just what ReCity is all about! 


ABC 11

Stephanie Lopez from our local ABC 11 channel dropped by ReCity on January 26, 2017 to learn more about the ReCity Network. Watch ABC's spotlight here! 





Next City

Durham freelance writer, Amanda Abrams, recognized our success in launching our Incubator. She stated that the concept of an Incubator can be "tricky." Thankfully, we have a strong team! Our Partners work collaboratively to help us grow and fulfill our mission.


The Durham VOICE

Our feature in this article described our current transformation into a center that will help rewrite the story of Durham. We are collaborating with other organizations, as mentioned in the article, in hopes to carry out our mission of reconnecting our youth and granting them with opportunities to flourish. 


The Durham Herald Sun

IBM was credited with providing statistical information on the disconnected youth in Durham. One of our partners adds his opinion on how to solve these problems within our community. 







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The Durham Magazine

Durham Magazine gives a shoutout about our grand opening!